fitness trainer – symbian app

Mobile Fitness Trainer is Symbian OS-based smartphone application, which helps keep track on user’s training activities.

To create program that helps people do their exercises more easily. The program key features will be ability to save the progress of the user and slowly increases the number of repetitions. Also user gets information such as how many repetitions are done or how many calories are burned via text-to-speech engine. All information about previous exercises such as total exercise count, calories burned during exercise will be accessible through main menu. Customisable profile information such as age, weight, height allows to get better information about calories burned during exercise.

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With the application user is able to select exercise type and get information about his/her progress doing selected exercise. The number of push-ups or sit-ups is generated by text-to-speech engine in real time; other information is shown through mobile phone display. The application is also saving the progress of your training and shows statistics. The secondary feature is ability to see burned calories during exercises.

Users have ability to choose from two exercises: sit-ups or push-ups. According to his/hers choice the application will apply dedicated algorithm to count the number of activity and play it through the speakers (with text-to-speech engine). After exercise is finished information with calories and number of activities will be displayed on the screen and also saved in the memory for statistics..

FIELDS : User Interface Design, User Experience, User testing, Symbian OS Development, Applied Research on fitness activities, Real time processing, text-to-speech.
TECH-TOOLS : Python, Nokia, Photoshop.

Members : Martynas Brikys and Laurynas Maciulis
Date : December 2008 – ERASMUS exchange in Austria
Location : University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria (FH-Hagenberg)