mobile learning – android app

Mobile Learning is an Android application designed for learning the history of photography. It is created on research-based theories and tested with actual users.

Explore novel ways of learning and teaching activities with a help of new technologies like smartphones.

Explore computer graphics from a formal perspective with a focus on exploring the relationships between real and artificially generated stimuli.



We developed an Android application optimized for learning. It has a summary of the information presented in the history of photography book. The information is also categorized and sorted in order to have easier access for users.

User have main menu with a choices: timeline, authors, course and quiz. “Timeline” is a place where all information is sorted according to the decades and then years. “Authors” contains the whole list of most famous authors. “Course” is a summary about certain decade. Quiz contains questions about the courses and gives you ability to self-check your knowledge.

FIELDS : User Interface Design, User Experience, User testing, Android Development, Applied Research on learning and teaching activities, Ubiquitous Learning strategies.
TECH-TOOLS : HTC smartphone, Android, Android API, Photoshop, Eclipse, Flash, ActionScript 3.

Members : Martynas Brikys and Gabriela Traskinaite
Date : June 2012
Location : Aalborg University Copenhagen

Untitled usability2 usability1