spider web – artistic installation

An artistic installation for interacting with visuals, movements and sounds based on modeling physical systems

Gain knowledge about modeling physical systems. Explore interaction with digital world. Examine visual and sound interaction.

Modeling of physical systems and the analogies between dynamics systems such as mechanical, hydraulic, electronic, and acoustic systems. Exploring basic of kinematics and kinetics.


The interactive installation consists of few separate modules: Microsoft Kinect, projector, speakers and two laptops. The Microsoft Kinect is connected to the computer running processing (or pure data) catching the hand movements and displays the green circle on the screen projected by projector. By applying algorithm with processing it can detect when user grasps (the circle turns red) and interacts with the virtual web. The real time data of the web properties are send to another computer running Max/Msp through wireless port. The computer is modeling sound in real time and playing though speakers.

With the interactive installation user is able to play with the two different spider webs and make various sounds depending on the force and which connector he is playing with. User interacts with the web by moving his hand in the air and following the red circle on the screen where the spider webs are projected. When he/she goes over the connector and grasps, he can move it around and on the release of the connector the system will make sounds according to the force it takes to get back to the initial position of the connector.

FIELDS : Modeling physical systems, Interaction Design, Sound Interaction Design, Computer Graphics, Artistic Installations, Real time processing.
TECH-TOOLS : Processing, Pure Data, Max/Msp, Microsoft Kinect.

Members : Martynas Brikys, Stefano Trento, Haochen Xu and Ben Cahill
Date : December 2011
Location : Aalborg University Copenhagen

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