lunch courier – service design

Design of a service for the “Lunch Courier” case.

“Service design is about developing services that are attractive to the customers as well as efficient and differentiating to the companies”

Design of a service for the “Lunch Courier” case.

Lunch Courier is a service that provides meals at lunchtime to people working in Copenhagen City Centre. The service should connect those people with a network of restaurants/kitchens, that prepare meals and with a bike-based distribution system.
This has to be done by:

The design of the service involve the re-organisation of the activities performed by the service provider (Back office) and/or the redesign of time, place in which customers come in contact with the service (Front Office).

FIELDS: Service Design, Applied Research, User Centred Design and Interaction Design
TOOLS: To design the service the following tools have been used:

  1. Analytical methods:
    • Network concept design map
    • Service Actor Networks map
    • Actors Motivation Matrixes
    • Stakeholders analysis
  2. Design methods:
    • Perform detailed design ( Preliminary data analysis, Identification of Requirements)
    • Scenarios and Use Cases
    • IDEF0
    • Platform architecture
  3. Representation techniques:
    • System Maps
    • Service Blueprints
    • Scenarios
    • Video Sketching
    • Mockup
    • Customer Journeys

TECH-TOOLS : Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere CS6, Omnigraffle.

Members : Martynas Brikys and Stefano Trento
date : January 2013 / Third Semester MSc Study
Location : Aalborg University Copenhagen
Publication :Service Design website

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