walk optimizer – android app

Android Application based on studies about multimodal perception and cognition

Investigate the role of sound to complement, substitute or enhance other modalities while designing a tangible product or an entertainment system.

Merging of the senses. Explore sound technology from the technical and human perspective, investigating how sound interacts with other sensorial modalities.



We developed Walk optimizer – an Android application optimized for walking and enjoying the music. The app includes extra features like choices of different environments, walking speed and gender of the user. It consists of several algorithms such as step and Bpm detection, based on real time processing.

User choose from few preset the kind of environment, speed and gender. According to the user choices the application automatically decide a specific playlist containing songs with the same Bpm. The starting Bpm speed is the result of a research conducted on what is the best music tempo for a specific environment and user.

FIELDS : User Interface Design, Android Development, Applied Research on Multimodal interaction, Real time processing, Humans and Music synchronisation,
TECH-TOOLS : Max/MSP and Jitter, iPhone, Android SDK, Photoshop

Members : Martynas Brikys, Thomas Peyrard, Stefano Trento and Haochen Xu
Date : December 2011 – First Semester MSc Program
Location : Aalborg University Copenhagen

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