expeerience – web project

Web project was done in collaboration with a company expeerience. They expressed the need of modern website with new design, because the current one was old fashioned and outdated.

Redesign and develop website for the company.

First of all, the expectations and needs of the company were identified. Second step, was to agree on the structure and the rough layout of the website. Third step was redesigning cycles with user testing. Fourth step, was development. Fifth step was to set up the project online and create manual for future use.

FIELDS : User Interface Design, User Experience, Web Development, Web Technologies, Web Technology Consulting.
TECH-TOOLS : Photoshop, Dreamweaver, OmniGraffle, JavaScript (Modernizr, jQuery, jQuery-UI), HTML5, CSS3, SEO, Google Analytics.

Members : Martynas Brikys
Date : September 2011
Link :
Location : Copenhagen

page_treewireframe expeerience